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Gentleman's Club

Become a member of The Gentlemen's Club. Membership is 100% FREE for businesses who sell services and products to men and women who buy for men. Through our exclusive membership, Gentlemen's Fashion Week works for you to attract a growing network while increasing the awareness of our initiative.

The Plan

Our plan is to hold themed parties showcasing businesses, these parties will allow the local male audience you target with your businesses and services to connect with you. Each event benefits a different local charity, costing only a donation at the door. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity. During the course of each party, we will feature any one of your services. The venue provides one courtesy drink, the charity provides a worthwhile cause, your business provides goods and services, and our organization provides the marketing.

The 3 themed events (networking parties) - showcasing several businesses until the main event are:

  • June (Hot Stuff)
  • September (Fashionable Men's Wear)
  • December (White Party)
  • Final Event: Gentlemen's Fashion Week Showcase on 3.2.19


The Payout

Your business will benefit by:

  • Connecting with your audience and building a growing presence in the male community.
  • Gaining exposure to large crowds at participating venues at no cost.
  • Seeing increased visibility in the community and to new customers.
  • Associating with a charitable cause.
  • Enjoying the parties.
  • Being mentioned at each event.
  • Getting free advertising through our monthly coupons and deals to the Gentlemen's Fashion Week's community.
  • Building networking opportunities.
  • Gaining media exposure.
  • Building loyalty by inviting clients and customers to the parties to connect with them.
  • Acquiring leads and customers by getting your hands on the attendance list.

The Catch

Membership in the Gentlemen's Club carries only two requirements:

  1. Members attendance is required at each party.
  2. Members must provide needed materials for mothly promotions.
  3. Members must announce the parties to their client or customer base.

Together, we can build a community of consumers that is loyal to your brand while creating a frenzy around Gentlemen's Fashion Week.

Register Online

Just fill out the form below and we will contact you immediately about your participation in the Gentlemen's Club. Once again, registration is completely free for your business.
By becoming a member you certify that all material for advertising complies with all U.S. and state laws including, but not limited to copyright, licensing, and trademark. Furthermore, member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Gentlemen's Fashion Week, including its officers, partners, employees and affiliates against all liability, claims, and expenses relating to this contract.  Once you become a member you can email all of your information to: member@gentlemensfashionweek.com.

Logo Info: Send your business/organization logo in a high resolution (at least 300dpi).
Ad Info: Send your business/organization promotional ad by the 15th if each month. Ads received late will not be able to go out to our subscribers list or newsletter on time.
Size of Ad: 300 by 300 pixels.
Business / Organization Info: Please provide us with a small paragraph describing your business or organization.

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